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SNEAK introduce: Professional Website Thumbnail Solutions

SNEAK.PW is a Premium Website Preview Generator; create your website screenshot for free and in seconds!

Do you want more? Introducing SneakScript API and SneakPeek Platform the best solutions to create your own Snapshot Generator, without having to spend hundreds on third-party services.
You will have a strong and powerful API, Full Suite, your Trademark to the Screenshots, Edit pictures and many more Features.

SNEAK - FREE Website Screenshot

Try our High performance API and create a new Website Thumbnail

Website Preview

Sneak Professional Web

Simply add your URL, choose the Quality of the Snapshot, Width and Height of the Image

SNEAKSCRIPT - Lightning Snapshot API

SneakScript unlike the others, is simple to use, extremely light, usable on subfolder or subdomain.

  • Lifetime Updates! And thanks to the examples, copy and paste the code where you need it

  • Powerful API, without limit of use; customizable size, your watermark on the images

  • Create previews on all your sites or use it with the exclusive Wordpress plugin

SNEAKPEEK - Ultimate Snapshots Platform

Your own Website Thumbnail Suite.
SneakPeek offer an innovative Platform, easy to use with many Premium Features:

  • Create Website Thumbnails manually or via API, Image Galleries and Advanced Search

  • Logo uploader, Image Editor, URL to PDF, Cron job, direct contact to Techical Support 24/7

  • Lifetime Updates! Private login, RSS Feed, and 404 page; Wordpress Plugin.

Why i need it?

Create your own Web Thumbnail Generator at most competitive prices on the market

Wikipedia tells us that “Thumbnails are reduced-size versions of pictures, used to help in recognizing and organizing them, serving the same role for images as a normal text index does for words.”
And as we all know, A picture is worth a thousand words, so using an image in a nice and beautiful form can give your layout a very neat look.

So why then, use a Preview System for Links?

The reasons are different, and all valid.
First of all, you create an extra service for the User.
It allows you to have in a few seconds a complete view of the references of an article or a source, without having to click on the link.
This creates a greater confidence in the navigation of your site, an immediate ability to perceive the logical sense of the content you propose.

Speaking of SEO, the images created are related to content; given the recent skills of search engines, to be able to "read" texts in images, it follows that the sources proposed during the searches will be displayed with your Brand. To achieve this, in Web Marketing it takes months and thousands of dollars.

Moreover, the proposed Scripts are not greedy for resources; they can be installed on domain root or in subfolder.

In addition, thanks to the use of the exclusive Wordpress plugin, APIs can be used on dozens of different sites, with the ability to customize the image generation formats at will.

This makes it a valuable tool for Web Agencies and Marketing.


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SNEAKPEEK Suite test drive? Contact Us!

Out Team is available for answer to your questions; ask for a limited time access to the Platform.


* LINUX Server only
* The Module wkhtmltopdf
* PHP Version 5 - 7.x.x

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